Holmes Consulting – drone capable engineering and drafting

Our team of expert drafters and engineers recently completed a drone survey for the Wellington City Council down on the waterfront, inspecting the sails.

Drafter, Kaitlin Pickett, and Drafting Leader, Dean Reid led the team on an early morning drone flight, scheduled to avoid the wind (who knew it was windy in Wellington?!). Whilst this was a basic survey for the client, our team of experts hope to expand the use of drones on our various projects to help generate Point Cloud information from our imagery, among other things.

The use of drones in drafting and engineering projects is a relatively new concept to clients, so many are unsure of the added-value it will give to their projects.

Our Wellington office Business Manager and Project Director, Wayne Juno highlights the added benefits of utilising drones on projects “It’s important we’re letting our clients know the safety aspects of using drones, because it means they’re not exposing their staff to the risk of working at height and with machinery. But also to embrace the new technologies we have on-hand to safely deliver some simple things incredibly well”.

Holmes is proud to be part of the movement to embrace new technologies and be at the forefront of engineering excellence by upskilling our people to now offer drone services for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about using drones on your project get in touch with us today via email or send us a message on LinkedIn.

  • Early morning pre-flight drone check in Wellington

  • Holmes Consulting using a drone to inspect the sails in downtown Wellington

  • Capturing the sails via drone survey in Wellington (Holmes Consulting)