The last place you’d want to be

Christchurch-Aftershock-engineerWhen the big 5.0 aftershock hit Canterbury today, our engineer John Hare was on a platform suspended from a crane, high above Christchurch Cathedral along with Ben West of Stoneworks. The aftershock rocked for over 10 seconds – and has been cited as one of the most powerful since the initial 7.1 event on 4 September.

As the Christchurch Press reports:

Hare hugged the cross as it swayed about 10 centimetres and West gripped the stone gable.

Hare said it was “very exciting”.

“Imagine the last thing you would want to be doing when it hits, and this was it,” he said. “There was that moment when everything flashed before my eyes, but thankfully it didn’t come to that. It was waving around a hell of a lot.”

He was thankful the aftershock did not shake the cross loose. “That was a fairly nerve-racking experience,” he said.

“I think some fairly unreligious words were spoken. I will be happy enough if I never experience anything like that again.”

The cross was damaged before the aftershock and was removed yesterday for safety reasons. The full article and other earthquake coverage can be read at the Christchurch Press.