Boyle Building, University of Auckland

1The Boyle and Central Plant buildings are the new build components to the $100m refurbishment for the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Science’s Grafton campus. The Boyle building encompasses three levels of underground carparking and four levels of specialist teaching spaces, lecture theatres, offices, lab spaces and student commons. The central atrium space is located between the new Boyle building and two of the existing tower blocks and is the new main entry and circulation space for the campus.

2This was a project with a number of engineering challenges, with the need to ensure the structural elements helped to create the light, airy, energising environment the University required. Holmes Consulting was called in to make sure the building was robust and resilient, at the same time as providing a compelling learning environment.

3The roof is constructed from Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene, better known as ETFE – a transparent polymer that is used instead of glass and plastic in some modern buildings. The roof structure that covers the atrium is constructed between three seismically separated buildings, providing good natural daylight in the atrium, at the same time as accommodating movement between the three building structures as they move and react to the environment over time.

We’ve had a great relationship with the University of Auckland over the years, and we’re proud of our part in helping them create great spaces for their many students.

Chris Mackenzie

Chris Mackenzie

Business Development Director