Meet some of our Engineering Graduates and Summer Interns

Ivy Hua

2021 Graduate Engineer, Civil Structures (Auckland)
Previously a 2020 Summer Intern (Auckland).

What made you choose Holmes Consulting?
Holmes is an expert in structural engineering, leading the NZ engineering industry for a long time. They’re always very creative when they are looking for the best solution and they’re not afraid to break the new ground by themselves when it’s necessary. This is the most attractive thing to me!

What interests you about engineering?
My Mum, a Senior Mechanical Engineer, let me see the potential of women in the engineering field. As an engineer, I can gain a lot of hands-on experience which makes me feel like I’m doing some real things to change the world around me.

What’s your favourite thing about Holmes, so far?
The flexible working time. Everyone can have different working hours which affords more work-life balance. This might be one of the reasons that people work very efficiently and productively here!

What made you choose your specialisation ?
By studying civil engineering, I can get involved in a number of amazing projects. From the preliminary design to bringing it to life – it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Sam Haszard

2021 Graduate Engineer, Structures (Auckland)
Previously a 2019-2020 Summer Intern (Auckland).

You used to be a Summer Intern for us here at Holmes – How did you hear about the internship?
I heard about the Summer Internship originally when Holmes came to visit my uni (University of Canterbury) one evening for an information night. The presentations gave a good overview of the sort of projects that go on here at Holmes and of the process to apply.

What makes an engineering internship a great experience for you?
For me a great internship experience is one where I am pushed to learn as much as possible while still having the support I need – and to have fun! The internship would be challenging work that teaches me a lot while the office/ site environment is one where the people are nice and everyone has fun.

What interests you about engineering?
I enjoy taking the tools we’re taught in university and using them to solve practical problems. Engineering allows for the practical implementation of maths and physics, that I have been learning, and applying them to real world problems for the best outcome for the people involved.

What’s your favourite thing about Holmes, so far?
My favourite thing about Holmes so far is the culture. I always have people coming up to my desk introducing themselves and offering their help whenever needed – which is really reassuring when things get a little complex!

Scott Tims

2019 Graduate Engineer, Structures (Wellington)
Previously a 2018 Summer Intern (Auckland) and a 2019 Graduate Engineer, Structures (Auckland).

What’s been your most challenging project?
The Auckland Airport, it’s one of the biggest projects I’ve been involved in. The Airport design work has been challenging due to the sheer size of the building we’re creating. Sylvia Park was another challenging project, it was more about construction monitoring and dealing with problems as they came up on site.

In three words how would you describe Holmes Consulting?
Fun, intelligent, and creative. Plus, supportive (can I have four?!).

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I want to be able to say I am a Design Engineer at that point. Perhaps have opportunities and experience abroad, just see what else is out there and where I can take myself. Holmes Consulting is supportive of graduates going on their Overseas Exchange (O.E) which is great!

Best thing about working for Holmes Consulting?
For me it’s been about soaking up all the knowledge. There’s so much experience here and so much to learn from all these incredibly intelligent people! All that information and experience is extremely rewarding. They’ve all been through it a million times before, so being able to go and ask anyone here, and then knowing for next time is great.

Why structures/ civil structures?
I’ve always wanted to be a part of the construction of high-rise buildings or large span bridges, whether that be onsite or in the office. I enjoy the technical
elements and problem solving you get with both horizontal and vertical structures. Due to Holmes’ flexibility, I’ve been able to move offices (from Auckland to Wellington) and try my hand in both the structures and civil structures teams!

Emma Grigg

2020 Graduate Engineer, Civils (Christchurch)
Previously a 2019-2020 Summer Intern (Hamilton).

How did you get into engineering?
My favourite subjects at school were physics and maths. From here it was an easy decision to study engineering as I felt I could make a real contribution in the industry; I haven’t looked back since!

Best thing about working at Holmes?
Honestly, it’s difficult to pick one thing, but the people and culture are at the top. Everyone at Holmes is really approachable and there is no shortage of help and advice. The culture is amazing–everyone strives for excellent results for the client, but the company also values the wellbeing of its employees. I have also really enjoyed that I get to work on projects where I feel challenged.

Favourite project so far?
The Seaview Wharf Redevelopment. This was the first project at Holmes where I had a major contribution, I was working on the preliminary design. There was quite a steep learning curve, but I felt that I gained a lot through the project. It was also on quite a tight deadline which added to the feeling of accomplishment when completing the deliverables on time!

What are your short-term goals?
Short term I want to learn as much as possible during my last year of study and complete my final year project to a high standard. The experience that I’ve had this summer will be invaluable for my final year of university. Working at Holmes will allow me to approach engineering problems from a different point of view which will be vital for my last year. I’m looking forward to coming back to Holmes as a graduate.

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