Meet our Drafting Cadets

Vicki Reader

Drafting Cadet, Christchurch

What does your role involve day-to-day?

I work on large-scale projects, many of which use BIM360. I also create comprehensive structural models and 2D documentation. Most projects I am involved in are with a medium sized team, including colleagues from my own office as well as from our other offices across the country. I go to site with engineers when they do construction monitoring to see the drawings and details I produce in real life and to gain better understanding. When I’m not drafting or going to site, there are plenty of technical development opportunities within the company to develop current and/or new skills and to specialise in multiple areas.

Best thing about working at Holmes?

I like the supportive and positive company culture that Holmes has created. It’s the kind of workplace that makes me look forward to going to work each day. Every project is different, and I get to work with different people from various offices. There are so many opportunities to learn and progress and everyone is ready to help however they can. There is a real focus on work being creative, social and enjoyable with an emphasis on work/life balance.

William Mason

Drafting Cadet, Wellington

What does your role involve day-to-day?

I’m often working on a wide range of projects. Whether it’s 3D modelling of an existing structure, modelling a new structure, 2D drafting, or even getting out on construction sites – everyday has its accomplishments and challenges. I really enjoy the collaboration aspect with the engineers, which means I’m always asking questions and even challenging their knowledge.

Best thing about working at Holmes?

The variety of work that comes your way really helps you to build an extensive portfolio. Everyone is willing to help and share their knowledge regardless of their position, it is a great ‘open door’ policy at Holmes. The training process of the Cadet programme is excellent. Instead of being thrown into the deep end, you build up your skills and knowledge on training projects and then transition into some real-life projects.

Holmes encourages a positive work environment, with a strong focus on a good work/life balance. Even outside of work, there are social opportunities, whether it be in a social sports team, or a quiz night, there is always fun to be had.