Back in 2010 Tom Wujec (TED Talk speaker/technology pioneer/design thinker) gave a rousing presentation on the Marshmallow Challenge.

However we’ve taken our own spin on it and designed a great team building exercise, as part of our local Structures Team meeting in our Wellington office.

For every meeting our Wellington Structures Team ensure the revolving Chair for the meeting organises something fun/different for the team. This time around they decided our structural engineers would build a tower (in a very similar fashion to Wujec’s ‘Marshmallow Challenge’).

The group was divided into four small teams, each was provided with 1/2 a packet of dried pasta (spaghetti of course!) and 20 marshmallows. Everyone was given a 30min timeframe in which to build the tallest tower that was still standing (and not moving) at the end! Sounds easier than you think, because once those supportive hands were taken away some structures were not as sound as first thought! Two towers actually collapsed spectacularly – unfortunately there was no video footage taken of their demise.
Rest assured though, no engineers were hurt during this challenge but great fun was had by all and it was definitely a fun way for our Wellington team to bond.
Check out the photos below!