For more than six decades, Holmes Consulting has led the engineering industry in invention, creativity and quality. During that time we’ve worked right across New Zealand and the world, delivering premium structural and civil solutions to thousands of landmark projects. With six offices in New Zealand, an office in the Netherlands, and a sister company in the USA—we’ve got the horsepower and experience to handle the most challenging design projects anywhere in the world.

We’re unfailingly curious, never cutting corners, but always seeking a better path. Where the right technology doesn’t exist we invent our own to break new ground. When there’s an opportunity to improve method, practice or thinking, Holmes Consulting will be the ones putting our hands up to lead the way. Our expert engineers love the toughest design challenges – never shying away from bold architectural visions that seem to defy the laws of gravity.

Our clients and project partners love working with us because we consistently deliver what we promise. We’ll work all hours to bring a new design to life—and we’ll celebrate with the best of them at the grand opening. Holmes Consulting’s approach is inclusive, enjoying the energy and creativity of collaboration as much as we enjoy nutting out tough structural problems back at the office. We’re focused on engineering excellence.

Right now, our talented engineers and drafters are working on landmark national and international projects that will set the benchmark for creative engineering design for years to come. We’re proud of our heritage, and excited about our future: together, we’re creating an enduring legacy.